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Grace Bleby (Anthropology and Economics)

Innovative and Interactive

Our pioneering approach combines live zoom classes with special guests and on location filming

  • Exciting and Engaging Content

    Our courses are all taught live via Zoom with recordings available afterwards. Each session features activities and special guests. Check out a sample curriculum from a previous run of the course below.

  • Pre-Approved for Academic Credit

    We have worked with various faculties at our partner institutions to ensure the curriculum meets the standards required for students to receive credit. Our courses are ideal for business, economics, international relations, psychology, global studies and anthropology.

  • Perfect Prep for Future Travel

    If you are considering going to India this course will help you make up your mind and ensure sure you can have a deeper more meaningful experience if you travel.

What you will learn

Example curriculum from our most recent course

    1. Welcome to the Class!

    2. Course Overview

    3. Zoom Do's and Don'ts

    4. Anekantavada

    5. Take Our India Factfulness Quiz

    6. Factfulness

    7. Brief Introductions

    8. Our Programs

    9. My Role

    10. Learning Outcomes and Assessments 2022

    11. Learning Outcomes

    12. Trailer for Oscar Winning Movie "Slumdog Millionaire"

    13. Slumdog Millionaire

    14. Aamir Khan on Slumdog Millionaire

    15. Aamir Khan Reaction to Slumdog Millionaire

    16. Introducing Special Guest Smita Netra

    17. Performance by Bollywood Choreographer Smita Netra

    18. Netflix Aus vs India

    19. Outsourced

    20. Outsourced Reaction

    21. Cubicles (Office Drama)

    22. TVF Cubicles

    23. Kota Factory (Engineering University Entrance Exams)

    24. 3 Idiots Famous Bollywood Movie Set in a University

    25. 3 Idiots

    26. Aspirants (Civil Service Exams)

    27. Aspirants - Indian Administrative Service

    28. Jodha Akbar Historical Film

    29. Historical Films - Jodha Akbar

    30. Indian Matchmaking

    31. Indian Matchmaking

    32. Made in Heaven (Marriages)

    33. Made in Heaven Discussion

    34. Decoupled

    35. Decoupled

    36. Bahubali

    37. Bahubali 2

    38. Sacred Games

    39. Four More Shots

    40. Four More Shots Reaction

    41. Types of Indian Aunties (From Never Have I Ever)

    42. Nalini Being A Typical Indian Mom (Stereotypes)

    43. Never Have I Ever Discussion

    44. Q&A Final Chat

    45. CQUNI Social Enterprise Unviersity Become a Changemaker

    46. Trello

    1. Session Two Opener

    2. Assessments

    3. Aus-India

    4. Australia-India Economic Priority

    5. World Economic Forecast for 2021

    6. The World's Largest Country?

    7. The World's Largest Economy?

    8. The World's Largest Cities?

    9. But Don't Forget Per Capita Income (Both Rich and Poor)

    10. Trekking the Himalayas with India Hikes

    11. Himalaya Quiz

    12. Take our Greatest Mountains of the World Quiz

    13. YouTube 360

    1. Session Opener

    2. Why is India so abundant with life and people?

    3. Is India the Most Diverse Place on Earth?

    4. Natural Wonders of India Tour Quiz

    5. Total Eclipse of the Sun in Varanasi

    6. Different Ways of Experiencing

    7. Covid Situation in India - A Brief Reflection

    1. Session Four Opener

    2. The Ultimate Reality

    3. Different Ways of Attending to the World

    4. Vedic Fire Rituals

    5. Linear vs Cyclical

    6. 5000 Years of Spiritual Evolution in 10 Minutes

    7. Let's Explore Mumbai!

    8. Welcome to Dharavi

    9. Entering Dharavi

    10. Entering Dharavi 360

    11. Recycling in Dharavi

    12. Kumbhawada Dharavi

    13. How do residents react to visitors?

    14. Meenakshi's Home and Workshop

    15. Dhobi Ghat Tour of Mumbai

    16. Goodbye from Dharavi

    1. World Indigenous People's Day

    2. Context

    3. The Human Journey from Africa

    4. The Peopling of Australia Happened via India

    5. The Peopling of India

    6. Ground Realities

    7. Tribal Education Perspectives

    8. Q&A

    9. The Gonds - Ethnographic Research with Saumya Sharma

    10. What can we learn?

    1. Cultural Continuity

    2. Pastoral Nomads

    3. The First Urbanisation

    4. Psychological Impact of the Agricultural Revolution

    5. Birthplace of Hinduism

    6. Buddhism

    7. Hinduism

    8. Session Close

    9. What is Hinduism?

    10. What is Zoroastrianism?

    11. What is Buddhism?

    12. What is Jainism?

    13. What is Islam?

    14. What is Sikhism?

    15. CQUni Supports Salaam Baalak Trust Mission to Rescue Missing Children In India

    16. Salaam Baalak City Walk

About this course

  • $1,250.00
  • 181 lessons
  • 41 hours of video content

Are you ready for the Indian decade?

Now more than ever you need to know about India

  • The World's Largest Country by Population

    India has officially overtaken China as the most populous country on earth. It is also one of the worlds youngest countries with an average age of 26 vs 38 in China.

  • The World's Fastest Growing Economy

    India has also overtaken China as the fastest growing major economy. Per Capita Income is now where China was just before the Beijing Olympics. India is likely to be grow faster than China for the foreseeable future.

  • A Pioneering Technology Superpower

    Many of the worlds leading tech companies are led by Indians including Google and Microsoft. Credit Suisse has identified over 100 startups based in India worth valuations of more than $1bn including Zomato and Ola and Oyo. Almost all multi-nationals have integrated India into their global business delivery models.

Course Director

Instructor Bio:

Nick is Co-Founder of IndoGenius together with Meetu Soni. He is the Course Director of the DFAT supported “Reimagining India: Innovation in Practice” NCP consortium. IndoGenius have been delivering study tours in India since 2012 and have over 1600 alumni from more than 25 countries. Nick was the lead instructor for an acclaimed Coursera MOOC (4.7/5 star rated) developed for the U.S. Department of State and the Ohio State University. He has also delivered courses for New Zealand Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia, British Council, the Government of India and managed projects for clients in including the European Commission. Nick has been living and working in India since 2007 and is based in Delhi and Goa. He loves history, philosophy, cricket and above all nature.

Nick Booker


Alumni Testimonials

1600 students taught face-to-face and over 10,000 online

“I am also still in awe of how much Nick knows not only about India, but the whole world, and I appreciate how lucky we are to have learnt from him!”

“I'm a commerce student and Nick's knowledge of Indian culture has given incredible insights into the depth, diversity and history of India.”

“Nick's knowledge has shocked me, his passion and expertise is unmatched and listening to him speak about Indian culture just makes me smile. He is an amazing teacher and he is surrounded by a team of wonderful people.”

Learning Outcomes

IndoGenius Virtual Study Tours have been designed to help students develop the following

  • Discover, assess and articulate the significance of India within the wider human story - past, present and future.

  • Recognise local and global challenges faced by India and how they align with, and impact, Australia.

  • Describe ways India solves problems through different approaches to innovation – from the global business delivery model to low-cost medical devices.

  • Apply analysis of Indian case studies to their degrees by learning directly from guest presenters at companies and social enterprises. Especially with regard to innovation in the 21st Century and the Indian connection to many careers.

  • Gain experience working in digital environments by applying varied techniques to locate and evaluate information from Indian sources; collaborating in virtual environments; and communicating through visual as well as written presentation.

Ten years teaching experience

We have developed online and offline courses about India completed by thousands of students around the world

Why this course will work for you

Experiencing and interacting with people in another part of the world has never been rewarding

  • The Reimagining India Virtual Study Tour enables students to learn about the relevance of India to their future careers using culturally contextualized case studies from startups, corporates and social enterprises.

  • Delivered in an engaging and interactive format live from India the course will actually take students to places that otherwise would not be possible even during a traditional study tour.

  • Students will have the option to use the course as a launchpad for further engagement with India including study tours, study abroad and internships once in-person opportunities return.

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