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Students from around the world can now earn academic credit by taking our innovative virtual courses..

Our 2022-23 Session Dates

Applications Are Open

Our Virtual Study Tours combine incredible Live Zoom Sessions with an interactive course website packed with amazing content.

  • 29 Nov to 23 Dec 
  • 8 Jan to 18 Feb (Virtual)
  • 3 Feb to 18 Feb 

Innovative and Interactive

Our pioneering approach combines live zoom classes with special guests and on location filming

  • Live Instruction from Locations Across the World

    Our courses are all taught live via Zoom with recordings available afterwards. Each session features interactive activities and special guests.

  • Pre-Approved for Academic Credit

    We have worked with faculty at our partner institutions to ensure the curriculum meets the standards required for students to receive credit.

  • Perfect Prep for Future Travel

    Eligible students can benefit from NCP grants to cover a virtual tour and an in-country study tour once travel is possible.

Are you ready for the Indian Century?

  • Worlds Largest Country

    By 2023 the World Bank forecasts India will overtake China to be the most populous country on earth. India is one of the worlds youngest countries with an average age of 26 vs 38 in China.

  • Fastest Growing Economy

    Despite COVID the IMF forecasts India to grow faster than China in 2021 and each year for the foreseeable future. Per Capita Income is now where China was just before the Beijing Olympics.

  • Tech Takeover

    Many of the worlds leading tech companies are led by Indians including Google and Microsoft. Credit Suisse has identified over 100 startups based in India worth more than $1bn including Zomato and Ola and Oyo.

NCP Grants Available

Reimagining India Consortium

The Reimagining India Virtual Study Tour is supported with funding by the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan. Eligible students can receive Short Term Mobility Grants.

Lead Institution

Reimagining India Consortium

Reimagining India is led by CQUniversity. Eligible students can choose to apply for credit from their home institution or receive cross-institutional credit from CQUniversity.

Our Partners

Reimagining India Consortium

Since 2016, we have been providing opportunities to learn in India to students from eighteen Australian universities. We are now able to extend that opportunity to virtual courses and study tours.

Learning Outcomes

IndoGenius Virtual Study Tours have been designed to help students develop the following

  • Discover, assess and articulate the significance of India within the wider human story - past, present and future.

  • Recognise local and global challenges faced by India and how they align with, and impact, Australia.

  • Describe ways India solves problems through different approaches to innovation – from the global business delivery model to low-cost medical devices.

  • Apply analysis of Indian case studies to their degrees by learning directly from guest presenters at companies and social enterprises. Especially with regard to innovation in the 21st Century and the Indian connection to many careers.

  • Gain experience working in digital environments by applying varied techniques to locate and evaluate information from Indian sources; collaborating in virtual environments; and communicating through visual as well as written presentation.


  • How often do the VST courses run?

    Once every few months! Our confirmed 2022-23 start dates are: 15 Nov to 23 Dec 22 Jan to 4 Feb 8 Jan to 18 Feb

  • How do I qualify for credit?

    Eligible students from our 21 partner institutions have ways to get academic credit for our course. Either via your own university or by enrolling cross-institutionally at CQUniversity or Adelaide. Once you apply our team will be in touch with your study abroad office to confirm your eligibility for funding and credit.

  • How do I qualify for NCP funding?

    You may be eligible for funding if you are: 1) An undergraduate student 2) An Australian citizen 3) Have not previously received an NCP Short Term Mobility Grant for a virtual program. 4) Are able to receive academic credit for the course. We will be able to verify all of this with our contacts at your university once you have applied.

  • Can I take an IndoGenius course even if I don't qualify for the NCP funding?

    UG and PG students are able to take the Indian Century course if they enroll at the University of Adelaide.

  • Will I be able to receive a future NCP grant to visit India?

    Theoretically yes once travel restrictions are lifted and you are still eligible to apply for the Reimagining India study tour in India even if you have from the virtual tour. In fact you will benefit even more from the actual tour to India if you have taken the virtual one.

Course Director

Nick Booker

Nick is Co-Founder of IndoGenius together with Meetu Soni. He is the Course Director of the DFAT supported “Reimagining India: Innovation in Practice” NCP consortium. IndoGenius have been delivering study tours in India since 2012 and have over 1600 alumni from more than 25 countries. Nick was the lead instructor for an acclaimed Coursera MOOC (4.7/5 star rated) developed for the U.S. Department of State and the Ohio State University. He has also delivered courses for New Zealand Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia, British Council, the Government of India and managed projects for clients in including the European Commission. Nick has been living and working in India since 2007 and is based in Delhi and Goa. He loves history, philosophy, cricket and above all nature.

Nick Booker


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